2022 TypeType font novelties

We were inspired, selected the best ideas, researched, and spent hundreds of hours to release fonts that would be in demand, aesthetic and flawless.

The most memorable were the studio’s new serifs:

• display serif TT Espina;

• text serif TT Norms® Pro Serif;

• modern serif TT Livret with three subfamilies: display, text and subheading.


The universal text serif TT Norms® Pro Serif was created as an ideal font pair for the sans serif TT Norms® Pro. A slight contrast in proportions, brutal serifs and contrast in diagonals make it possible to recognize the font among other serifs. The font has good readability, can be used on the web and in printed materials, even in the smallest sizes.

Composition: 11 upright styles, 11 true italics, 2 variable fonts. Each style has 1236 glyphs and 29 OpenType features. The font supports over 225 languages.

Learn all about the font from the specimen.

Download a free trial or buy TT Norms® Pro Serif


Stylish font with expressive serifs, high contrast and diamond-shaped circles. This serif can be used to decorate galleries and exhibitions, headlines in posters, websites, and printed materials.

Composition: 6 upright and 1 variable style, 648 glyphs each. The font has 21 OpenType features. Support for more than 180 languages, Cyrillic is not included.

Learn all about the font from the specimen.

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Winner of the international competition GRANSHAN in the nomination Cyrillic-Latin Text Typeface.

The most modern and versatile serif in the TypeType collection. Consists of 3 subfamilies different in character. The text font is characterized by equal-width proportions and a calm character. The display subfamily is recognizable by its proportions of different widths, fine serifs, and graceful character. The subheading font has features of the two previous subfamilies and can be either more neutral or more contrasting.

Composition: 15 upright styles, 15 oblique styles, 2 variable fonts. There are 1031 glyphs in each font. Contains 26 OpenType features. Supports over 190 languages.

Learn all about the font from the specimen.

Download a free trial or buy TT Livret


Every year the level of our fonts increases both from a technical and graphic point of view. Font collection updates help keep fonts up-to-date, because we want you to use the most modern and high-quality typefaces.

Sometimes, in the process of updating, a new font emerges — more perfect, aesthetic and functional.

In 2022, we released:

• Global update for TT Commons™️ Pro. One of the studio’s main bestsellers has been improved from a graphical and visual point of view, but most importantly, it has been adapted to new areas of application. The TT Commons™️ Pro Mono monospaced subfamily is suitable for programming and modern design projects, while additional Normal styles are adapted for use in interfaces. The new TT Commons™️ Pro has become even more convenient and perfect; it is suitable for use in all areas.

  • Designers knew TT Smalls as a neutral geometric sans serif, but after the upgrade it became a decorative font with a recognizable unique character. After all, there are enough universal sans serifs in the TypeType collection, but there are not many interesting fonts for headings. Now TT Smalls only has uppercase characters in the inline versions, although the glyph designs are still based on the geometric sans serif. With a decrease or increase in weight, the number of strokes in the font changes, and it looks perfect!
  • TT Interphases Pro is ideal for interfaces, as extensive research was carried out during its development. We expanded the typeface and added a new narrower Condensed width, as well as complementing the family with the monospace font TT Interphases Pro Mono. The latter became so popular that, in addition to programming, it began to be used in packaging design and printed materials.
  • A font created for the film industry, TT Trailers has changed significantly. We expanded the character set, corrected the contours and improved the technical content. Italics were most long awaited. The oblique styles in TT Trailers look eccentric when combined with upright ones. The font is still suitable for titles and posters, but can be used in other areas, including on the covers of printed publications, in packaging design, or on store signs.
  • TT Hoves became TT Hoves Pro, and along with the suffix, the font received significant changes. A member of the trio of universal geometric sans serifs along with TT Norms® Pro and TT Commons™️ Pro, TT Hoves Pro has retained its character but completely changed technically. We increased the character set, improved the look of terminals and descenders and ascenders, redrew italics and added a new variable style. The updated font can be used everywhere: on the web and in print, in applications and in packaging design.
  • We have made TT Rounds Neue even more functional and convenient! The font has changed significantly from a technical point of view, we have expanded the character set and created a full-fledged variable style. We have preserved the visual look of the font, because the designers love TT Rounds Neue for its soft character and smooth, rounded letterforms.

We will keep you updated about our next new fonts! It won’t be long.



Type design studio. TypeType fonts are a killer combination of price, quality and functional features. typetype.org

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Type design studio. TypeType fonts are a killer combination of price, quality and functional features. typetype.org